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Planning A Child’s 1st Birthday Party And Making It Special

Define what you’re good at doing.  Can you cook, craft, bake, organize?  What skills do you bring to the party? Define what others are good at doing.  My wife has informed me many times, “Honey, I need some balloon decorations, like superheroes.” I’m a professional balloon entertainer, no big deal, but my wife would not ask her …

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8 Practical Reasons Why Not to Haveing a First Birthday Parties at Home

Avoid the 1st Birthday House Party Having a party at home is economical compared to the expense of a banquet hall. However, it doesn’t always make sense to have some parties in a house. First birthday parties are such beautiful occasions. Unlike other birthday parties, they are usually large gatherings and require extra planning and money. Here are …

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How Birthday Parties Have Changed Over the Years

Colorful decorations of beloved cartoon characters plastered on the walls, streamers draped across the room, and excited kids are running around the house in anticipation of the balloon entertainer. Around the room are parents huddled in bunches drink afternoon cocktails and chatting about actives that their child is presently participating in school. The mother of the …

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