How To Have A Happy Child on Their 1st Birthday

1st birthday party child napping

Parents, do you want your child happy for the first birthday?  Then you have to make sure they take their nap before the party…

I can see the look in the parent’s eyes as I walk through the door that they are stressed and it doesn’t take long to figure out why? The birthday child has the expression as if they sucking on sour patch kids candy.  This child is having no part of their 1st birthday party.  They are tired, they need their NAP.

The stress of planning the perfect 1st birthday party has parents out of sink with the child’s daily routine.  Mom is running around getting food and decorations up at the last minute.  Dad is making sure there are enough tables and chair for everyone to be comfortable.  Sometimes the nap gets pushed to the side.

As nap time is missed, the 1-year old goes from happy to cranky in a blink of an eye.  Toys are tossed, social interaction skills are abandoned, and uncontrollable outburst is not reducing the pressure on already stressed out parents.

Nap Rescues Crankiness:

study conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder examined children as they were completing puzzles.  When they missed their regular 90-minute nap, the children showed a 31% increase in negative emotional responses when they weren’t able to complete an especially difficult puzzles.

I doubt that your 1-year old will be putting together a puzzle, but sharing toys with other kids is a given?  This experience alone is frustrating to children and raises emotional outburst that typically would not happen if the child was rested and playing alone.

Get the Nap

I have worked with many moms who have scheduled their child’s 1st birthday around the nap time.  There is no rule book that says a party must start at a specific time.

Do your best to keep the child’s routine consistent may require parents to better organize the party.  No one will fault you for starting your party later in the afternoon.

It takes a village to organize the 1st birthday party and relying on friends and family to help with errands will ensure the guest of honor gets their nap and is rested so they are happy on their special day.