How To Have A Happy Child on Their 1st Birthday

1st birthday party child napping

Parents, do you want your child happy for the first birthday?  Then you have to make sure they take their nap before the party…

I can see the look in the parent’s eyes as I walk through the door that they are stressed and it doesn’t take long to figure out why? The birthday child has the expression as if they sucking on sour patch kids candy.  This child is having no part of their 1st birthday party.  They are tired, they need their NAP.

The stress of planning the perfect 1st birthday party has parents out of sink with the child’s daily routine.  Mom is running around getting food and decorations up at the last minute.  Dad is making sure there are enough tables and chair for everyone to be comfortable.  Sometimes the nap gets pushed to the side.

As nap time is missed, the 1-year old goes from happy to cranky in a blink of an eye.  Toys are tossed, social interaction skills are abandoned, and uncontrollable outburst is not reducing the pressure on already stressed out parents.

Nap Rescues Crankiness:

study conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder examined children as they were completing puzzles.  When they missed their regular 90-minute nap, the children showed a 31% increase in negative emotional responses when they weren’t able to complete an especially difficult puzzles.

I doubt that your 1-year old will be putting together a puzzle, but sharing toys with other kids is a given?  This experience alone is frustrating to children and raises emotional outburst that typically would not happen if the child was rested and playing alone.

Get the Nap

I have worked with many moms who have scheduled their child’s 1st birthday around the nap time.  There is no rule book that says a party must start at a specific time.

Do your best to keep the child’s routine consistent may require parents to better organize the party.  No one will fault you for starting your party later in the afternoon.

It takes a village to organize the 1st birthday party and relying on friends and family to help with errands will ensure the guest of honor gets their nap and is rested so they are happy on their special day.


What do you get a 1 year old for a present?


Here is the scenario; you have been invited to your cousin’s child’s first birthday party.  It is going to be this weekend and you have no idea what to get.  Well, join the club.  It is a tricky thing, a birthday present.  You never know what the parents are expecting.  Do you buy something for the outside?  Do you get an educational toy?   Do you buy clothes?  Well, all of the above are good ideas.  I usually do the following.

If you know the child, it is a little bit easier.  Remember please, they are just children.  Gender toys really do not matter.  If you have a boy that likes dolls then get the boy a doll.  If the girl likes cars then, by all means, get her cars.  You just never know.  In addition, if you do not feel comfortable getting them those specific things then do this.  Get the girl a girl car.  I know that one large popular movie has girl cars in it.  For the boy, find a cartoon that has a boy character.

Here are my tips on finding the appropriate gift for the specific child.

  1. Do Not, I repeat Do Not get anything they can put in their mouths. They are getting teeth and EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.  No really, everything.
  2. Take into consideration the living space. You are not going to want to get a large toy if the house they are living in is not large.
  3. Ask the parents if they would like something specific for the child. I always do this.  If the parent says he/she is going to need some new summer clothes or bathing suit then wham, your shopping trip is going to be so easy.
  4. Ask the parents again if they want educational toys or something for outside or specific movie toys. I have a cousin that just wanted stuff for outside play.  Then another one that said, only educational toys.  I am sorry but for a 1-year-old, everything is educational. (Well that did not help now did it?)

I hope this clears up what you should get a 1 year old for a present.  You just have to remember they are little ones.  Everything is new.  Everything is fun. Always ask the mom and dad if it is ok.

How to Plan A Child’s First Birthday Party While Making It Special

1st Birthday Party EntertainmentDefine what you’re good at.  Can you cook, craft, bake, organize?  What skills do you bring to the party?

Define what others are good at doing.  My wife has informed me many times, “Honey, I need some balloon decorations, like superheroes.” I’m a professional balloon entertainer, no big deal, but my wife would not ask her brother-in-law, the electrician, to make balloon figures.

Network with friends – This may be your first child, but the neighbor down the street is on their seventh child and has a lot of leftover birthday supplies/ideas.  Some of the best decorations are sitting in a closet just waiting to be used, or, better yet, find a new home.

Hire people – Do not expect the family to be servers, or relatives to entertain a crowd.  Hire professionals who can make your event special, classy, and unique.

Delegate –  1st birthdays are special, and you will find many people in your family who would like to contribute to your child’s special event. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents would be happy to help out on this special day if you ask them.

About the Author

Dale Obrochta is a professional entertainer who specializes in making larger groups of people laugh as one while adding the personal touch making it extra special for the guest. Solve your entertainment needs like hundreds of other clients by contacting Dale. It is the right solution.

8 Practical Reasons Why Not to Haveing a First Birthday Parties at Home

Avoid the 1st Birthday House Party

Having a party at home is economical compared to the expense of a banquet hall. However, it doesn’t always make sense to have some parties in a house.

First birthday parties are such wonderful occasions. Unlike other birthday parties, they are usually large gatherings and require extra planning and money. Here are 8 practical reasons why having a 1st birthday at an alternate location makes sense.


  1. Food preparation: Hosts around the world ask themselves this question,” What do I serve the 40-60 coming to the party?” Most of us have not had a reason to cook for a large group or prepare a large amount of food. Should I cater the party, or cook a meal? If you chose to cater, it is costly.  If you cook the meal, do you have time for all the work that’s involved? Do you have space and equipment to do it efficiently?
  2. Parking space: Some hosts will hire a valet service that will park the cars around the neighborhood. Others will leave it up to their guests to fend for themselves and drive around the neighborhood until they find parking. However, when you invite 35 or more people to a party, figure that at least one half of them will need to find a parking spot. Can your neighborhood handle the extra parking?
  3. Rubbing shoulders with Uncle Bob: An intimate setting is nice, but when large numbers of people are moving around, it is no longer intimate, but confining. Where are all your guests going to sit?  Will they need to sit to eat? Will they be able to take part in all the activities?
  4. Cleaning the house: Having a one-year-old in the house is a lot of work, and having to clean it from top to bottom is a lot more work. The advantage of having a party at another location . . . it’s already clean.
  5. A house is cozy, but is it the right atmosphere? If you are looking to create an atmosphere that “wows” the guest, most homes don’t have that oomph. Banquet halls and restaurants create an atmosphere that most houses just cannot achieve.
  6. I’m not an octopus: Trying to be a host, parent, and server at a party is impossible. Have the event at a banquet hall or restaurant and you have help to serve, clean, and assist you with all your party needs.
  7. No clean up: Unlike having a party at home, once the party is over, you leave. No cleaning, no worrying about putting food away.  Just gather your stuff and walk out the door.
  8. Will you leave already! Every family has that one person who has no place to go and wants to spend the entire evening sitting, watching TV, playing video games, or just hanging out. As much as you enjoy that person’s company, it’s been a long day. All you want to do is relax in your own home and that means……all party guests must leave.

Disaster at Babies 1st Birthday Party

Birthday cake on the floor, family members show up late, and restaurant over books the room, birthday child is extra cranky, and the parents have the flu.  First birthdays have become a stressful event for parents with many things they just cannot micromanage.

1st-birthday-party-relaxThe pressure to plan the perfect party with all the trimmings has increased over the years.  For over 27-years I have been entertaining at 1st birthday parties and have talked with a lot of stressed-out parents.  All guests want is good food, drink, and cake.  If the décor is cute and the baby is dress adobe, you’re halfway to having a successful birthday party.

Don’t let the things you can’t control stress you out. Things you can control don’t micromanage. The purpose of the 1st birthday is to celebrate your child’s 1st year of life.  Sit back, relax and enjoy this day.  The child only has one 1st birthday and before you know it, their 21.

About the Author- Magical Balloon-dude Dale is a professional kids entertainer who has been entertaining at 1st birthday parties for decades and has seen it all.  He is now sharing his experiences with his readers.

Keeping it Clean at Baby’s First Birthday Party

100_1117The fun of a 1st birthday party is watching the guest of honor smash a birthday cake into their face, hair, and clothing. Cameras are flashing; family is laughing, all while the baby is reaching for another handful of cake. The audience cheers for the baby to get messier and the more they do it the happier the crowd.

Have you noticed that everyone wants to hold the baby except when the baby has a diaper full or has birthday cake frosting from head to toe? Dads magically disappear with some project that prevents them for baby cleanup.  Therefore, it all falls on mom to do the dirty work. Moms now have to struggle to clean the baby, but also keep themselves from getting dirty doing it.

Moms have a change of clothes ready – you are going to get dirty cleaning up that bundle of joy.  Kids squirm, faucets splash, cake frosting gets everywhere and just the confines of a bathroom make cleanup a difficult task.

Mothers plan ahead and have extra clothing for the baby, but often forget about themselves. Prepare to have a second shirt or outfit ready for you. This way both mother and child will look their best for the remainder of the party.

Tips for New Parents Hosting a Kids Party

Birthday ListWhen you are preparing for your kid’s birthday party, you need to take out time from your busy schedule to plan all the details of your party. There are a lot of things that you must take into consideration when you are organizing for a kids birthday party. Simple things like balloons, streamers, food, and games fit the theme of the party that your designing. Preparation should be done in advance and make sure that everything is in order and ready for the big day. For a kid party, makes sure that you involve the birthday boy or girl in the party planning as much as possible. Young adults love being a part of any celebration that centers on them. In fact, they will be thrilled to help with the theme, guest list, and the other associated party preparations.

Developing a theme is the first thing you should do. There are many birthday party themes to select when you are planning a child’s birthday party. Unique ideas that you can adapt and are very popular with your child and his friends. Choose wisely, because finding all the plates, napkins, and decorations can be daunting.

Too often people make the mistake of organizing the child’s party by themselves ask family members and friend to help you with the arrangements. Extra hands give you better time management and other skills that can help you with making your child’s party a success. You can also take pictures and videos of the party so that they remain engraved in your memories forever.

Thor_SuperheroesDecorate your home as festive as possible. After all, it’s a party make sure that you keep valuables and other breakables in another room. You should place special tables, flooring, and furniture in decorative plastics. If you have animals, keep them away so that the other children are not threatened.

If your son or daughter is young and you have a lot of little kids that are attending the birthday party, you must set a time limit for the celebrations. Setting a time limit ensures that the event is not too long for both the kids and parents. For a child’s birthday party you must make sure that all your games and activities end within the specified time limit. A time limit of 2 or 3 hours will be enough for the kids to have fun.

Making a schedule for a kid’s party will make things simpler and efficient. You must prepare a list of what your guests will be doing from the time they arrive until the time they leave. You can manage the party well if you schedule every detail accordingly. The games and additional activities should be planned well in advance so that you do not have any last minute disappointments. You should have a backup plan when you are planning an outdoor party just in case it rains or there is bad weather. Alternative backup ideas can be crafts, dancing, video games, mummy wrap, and balloon games.